What does landscape lighting cost?

Landscape lighting greatly contributes to the value of your property. A home with landscape lighting is likely to sell more than one that doesn't. In fact, studies show that landscape lighting can add about 30% to the value of a home. The study further shows that 50% of potential homebuyers state that outdoor lighting is an important feature they consider when buying a home.

Landscape lighting will illuminate the exterior of your home and make your home less attractive to thieves. Landscape lighting is probably one of the best ways to improve safety and, at the same time, add style to your outdoor space. The grazing effect is achieved by placing the light source close to a flat surface and then directing the light up or down towards the flat surface. So lighting up your outdoor space will provide enough lighting for everyone and you can safely enjoy the night out.

Adaptation of existing: lighting is installed after placing new plants in a landscape and before applying surface mulch. Well-designed landscape lighting radiates warmth and serene beauty to your patio, garden, pool and other parts of your patio. But remember, the idea of installing landscape lighting is not to flood your outdoor space with brightness. For example, halogen bulbs tend to emit a brighter, brighter white light compared to fluorescent lighting.

To be able to create a simple yet sophisticated look for your home with outdoor lighting, you need to plan the perfect design of your garden lighting system. Area lights don't shine on any specific object, but provide vague illumination to an entire area or landscaping element. Your electricity bill will be lower if you use LED lights compared to halogen or fluorescent lights. Whether you're using a designer or designing your own plan, a professional knows how to position outdoor lighting to minimize shadows or highlight objects without so much light that your neighbors get annoyed.

The number of lights also depends on the size of your patio and how much landscaping you have to display. Read on to find out how much professional garden lighting costs and the factors that can influence total expenses. However, in most cases, outdoor lighting sources are usually installed at the highest points of the house, such as in the eaves of the house, or in such a way that when the lights are installed, they will shine down.