Should you leave landscape lighting on all night?

Home Safety Lighting Tips If you have landscape lighting, keep it on throughout the night, from dusk to dawn. Use garden lights with motion detectors and place them at strategic points around the perimeter of your home. Those areas where intruders can hide from sight. At night, outdoor lighting is your home's first line of defense.

For intruders, everyone's home is a potential target. But dark houses are easy white. Upward lighting with buried lights is obviously one of the most difficult areas to avoid lighting glare. It is particularly important to reduce glare in areas where the lights are in direct paths.

These data indicate that typical thieves attack houses that they consider to be easy targets to quickly grab and do not even go far from their base to achieve this. Instead, look for a warm color temperature of about 3000 K. And don't forget to look at the light output, in lumens, to make sure you get enough brightness. LED performance is improving, but still lags behind that of halogens.

The depressing output is the biggest blow against solar-powered devices, which use LEDs. They may have enough brightness to define the edge of a garden, but not to illuminate your home. Traditional outdoor lighting can improve your garden and increase your visibility at night. While lighting from dusk to dawn can also help ward off thieves, minimize their tasks and help reduce their energy consumption.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are useful additions that enhance your landscaping and to guide people safely along the path to your doorstep. When you have outdoor lighting fixtures that are on the mains system but are outdoors, you can buy light protectors to protect them. Luckily, many lighting systems have pre-programmed timers that will turn the lights on and off whenever you want. These are small, transparent boxes that are placed over the outdoor luminaires and seal them to ensure that no moisture can penetrate through the bulb or lamp.

A simple solution is to place a bucket over the lamps before mowing the lawn or using a weed trimmer to trim around the lights. With the automation of the lights from dusk to dawn, you will also save energy by not leaving the lights on accidentally again. With lighting from dusk to dawn, you never have to worry about whether you turned off the lights because the process is automatic (meaning you can control it from anywhere, if you need to) or use sensors. Dusk to Dawn outdoor lighting comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, meaning you can find the right lights for your garden.

Place bullet lights with bulbs that have a 12-degree beam distribution and point them to the corners of your house or architectural details; softer wash lights can fill the space between them. Most dawn to dusk lights activate during the night, but motion-activated lights don't stay on for as long (depending on settings). The lighting in the garden is all about the environment, so it is crucial to ensure that no glare is created by lights, especially fixtures that are close to the house or in areas that you will walk through on a regular basis. If you see any suspicious characters on your property via streaming, use your smart lighting or smart sockets to turn on the electronics and lighting to give the impression of presence.

For the average break-in, the presence of lighting is not even a factor, since daylight would eclipse any security lighting. Whether it's the second floor of your home or that dark space in the corner of your patio, your supervision of these second-thought locations can prevent you from actually taking advantage of the protection, safety, and beauty of landscape lighting. .