Is landscaping lighting worth it?

Outdoor lighting adds security and not just to deter intruders and theft. The lighting of walkways and entrances can ensure safe navigation for you and your guests, to prevent injuries from trips and falls. Most landscape lighting today is low voltage, and rightly so. Unlike 120-volt systems, it is safer to work with and less expensive to install.

And although low-voltage lights receive a tenth of the power, thanks to a step-down transformer, there is no limit to the effects they can achieve, from the ethereal moonlight descending from a tree canopy to a subtle glow that bathes a low garden wall. More than just choosing the right hardware, a nice lighting scheme also has to do with art. Outdoor lighting reduces the risk of injury and makes the house look cozy. It pays to invest in outdoor lighting to bring curbside appeal, lighting to home features and provide a sense of security.

There are many options and styles of lights available for you to choose from those that work with existing electrical outlets, or if electricity is scarce, solar energy. In addition to providing grilling light, a handful of tree-mounted lights bathe this stone patio with an atmosphere-creating glow. If you turn on the lights, don't buy the lights from the Big Box store, as they are a headache and don't last long. For the most amazing effects, go to a landscape lighting specialist who is familiar with the different luminaires and the ways to organize them.

In addition to putting the spotlight on anyone with criminal intent, outdoor lighting increases exterior appeal, illuminates walkways for safety and enhances outdoor living areas. The best thing you can do to make your investment in garden lighting worthwhile is to hire a professional who offers high-quality system accessories, installation and service programs. Your lighting designer can strategically place lights to highlight your garden, hot tub, patio or pergola. Unlike lighting that works directly from the 120-volt outlet, low-voltage lighting requires only 12 volts.

You can install LED landscape lights to enhance your outdoor living space if you feel comfortable. Adding landscape lighting to your home and garden is a great way to highlight your features and provide lighting for various needs. Landscape lighting may seem like an addition that is too expensive and maybe not worth it. Landscape lighting helps prevent accidents such as trips and falls because it allows you to see exactly where you are going when it gets dark.

Place bullet lights with bulbs that have a 12-degree beam distribution and point them to the corners of your house or architectural details; softer wash lights can fill the space between them. In fact, there are at least 6 good reasons why hiring gardening services to install a lighting system in your yard is a big investment. It is imperative to keep the bulbs clean to achieve a clear lighting effect and to be careful to avoid accessories during landscape maintenance. Landscape lighting can make the difference between a hot pizza delivered to your door and the delivery man who stumbles over your front steps and drops the pizza.