How to layout landscape lighting?

Try to keep a distance of about 10 feet between each path and the light in the area. Keep in mind that they are meant to guide users down a path, not to fully illuminate it. Small objects require 1 to 2 attachments, while large trees with large canopies and multiple viewing angles may require up to 4 attachments. FX Luminaire presents a training video on landscape lighting design on up-lighting techniques.

Meet landscape design professionals from across the country as they show you their most impressive outdoor lighting designs and techniques. This video focuses on upward light techniques. The color of the light sets the tone of the work and the right beam diffusion focuses the light where you need it. Most landscape lighting designers begin their design by creating a rough sketch of the property, marking where each fixture will be placed.

Installing an outdoor garden lighting system is a great way to add beauty, exterior appeal and security to the garden, walkway and entrance areas of your home. Landscape flood lighting allows you to entertain yourself in your backyard or outdoor area when it gets dark, and serves a dual safety function. If the effects you want to achieve are sophisticated, consider discussing them with a landscape lighting designer. For the most amazing effects, go to a landscape lighting specialist who is familiar with the different luminaires and the ways to organize them.

LEDs are the future of landscape lighting and are quickly becoming the standard lamp of choice for the industry. For more outdoor lighting design ideas, visit the FX Luminaire Learning Center or check out the classic guide The Landscape Lighting Book, by Janet Lennox Moyer. Start by learning about the possibilities and start planning and positioning landscape lighting to accent your property and highlight your home. Let your landscape lighting illuminate every occasion and invite people into your home by highlighting walkways, architectural elements, meeting spaces, water fountains and much more.

Designing an installation plan for a low-voltage garden lighting system is quite simple, but it's helpful to know a few things right from the start.